Wardrobe Set up Tips

Choosing clothes that will apply to the plural do before doing everyday activities. Opening the closet, sort clothes and accessories that felt right to wear that day seems to be a work that must do.

Therefore, for efficient when choosing, then the clothes are arranged neatly in the closet is a must be met.

There are some handy tips can be do to restructure the wardrobe:

1. Selection of clothes and separate them according to frequency of use. You can save the clothing if it is still used within a year. If in a year's time this was not used and not the shape of the body, collect the bag, and can be donated.

2. Arrange the clothes on the clothes function, whether as work clothes, or dress party, or also by color, and arranged proportionately based on the size of the garment. For example, for a shirt can be arranged at the front. Starting from a short-sleeved shirt,and in the behind for a long -sleevedshirt . In order to look more tidy closet, choose a material similar hangers such as, wood, plastic, or wire.

3. Arrange clothes according to the zone in the wardrobe. In the closet, there are separate parts, such as for hanging clothes, drawers, shelves above, middle, and bottom racks, and the inside of the closet door. For example, can be placed on a shelf above the clothes for a particular season, such as wool sweaters, or hats and bags. For the inside of the closet door, to hang ties and scarves, belts, with a lightweight material.

4. Folding laundry according to type and function. For example, as clothing boss, group shirts, and polo-shirts. Clothes to subordinates such as skirts and pants. Putting clothes can be folded more detail in accordance with its function as a dress or casual work. For facilitate the search, from a large Arrange on the bottom, and little above the pile.

5. Finally, do not forget to put fragrances, to avoid the smell in your wardrobe.


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